1. What type of products does MSM Industries provide?

The Grip-it product line provides a complete line of rug pads that hold rugs in place, preventing bunching, shifting and eliminating trip hazards. The Grip-it line also extends into other areas of your home with a variety of solid and patterned liners to keep plates in place, provide decorative touches to a room and protect surfaces even in tough environments. The Grip-it line includes a full line of bath and kitchen products to prevent slips and falls.

The Grip-tac Decorative Coverings come in a variety of fashionable prints and solids to bring new life to old surfaces and decorative objects. The line includes cork cushions you can use to protect surfaces from scratches.

Our line of Grocery Case Liners are available in lightweight and heavyweight liners to wick away moisture, prolonging freshness and making food look even more appealing.

2. What is the primary use for your products?

Most of our products serve different purposes around your home, focusing on safety and surface protection while providing a decorative accent.

Our line of Grip-it rug pads, for instance, ensures safety for yourself and your family while protecting your floors and helping to prolong the use of your rugs by promoting air circulation.

The bath and kitchen areas of your home are places where most accidents happen due to water spills. Our Grip-it line of products protects you and your family with products designed to provide traction in these slippery areas.

Grip-it extends to even the toughest environments with our extra durable Handy Mat that protects surfaces from heavy use around your home.

3. What are the Grip-it and Grip-tac products made from?

Our Grip-it Rug Pads are made of natural rubber and feature a non-slip rubber coating to hold rugs in place. The PVC line of Rug Pads consists of a non-slip material designed to promote air circulation and make vacuuming easy. The fiber line of Grip-it Rug Pads are designed for rugs over carpet, including Magic Stop that uses a dry adhesive and Duo Lock to hold rugs securely in place.

Grip-it products for the bathroom include a non-slip, non-skid surface with antimicrobial materials and cushioning to add comfort along with surface protection.

Grip-tac Decorative Liners provide solids and patterns on a printed vinyl film with self-adhesive backing to make application easy.

4. How does the Grip-it and Grip-tac products work to enhance safety?

The Grip-it line of Rug Pads feature a non-slip rubber coating to hold rugs in place, preventing tripping over the rug due to bunching and shifting that occurs without the help of the rug pads. We also carry a line of rug pads that work over carpeted areas. The design of our rug pads also help your rugs to last over time by promoting air circulation.

We’ve created a Grip-it line of products to make the bathroom and kitchen areas safer with a non-slip, non-skid pad to provide traction in these wet, slippery areas that includes bath and shower mats and cushion mats to keep near the sink or bathtub.

Our products not only keep you and your family safe, but also the surfaces of your household furniture and other items.

5. How long do these products last?

We guarantee the Grip-it line of Rug Pads holds its non-slip properties for 10 years.

6. What sizes do your Grip-it and Grip-tac products come in?

While sizes vary for the different Grip-it Rug Pads we carry, you’ll find the specific sizes we carry on the individual product pages. Our rug pads come pre cut for your convenience so all you have to do is find the size that matches the size of your rug.

Many of our products are cut-to-size such as the Grip-it liners and the Grip-tac Decorative Coverings so you can cut and place these liners in any area of your home for your decorative projects instantly.

7. Does every rug need a Grip-it pad?

We recommend a Grip-it Rug Pad for every rug in your home to ensure safety. Whether you have wood floors or carpet, our rug pads come specially made to prevent trips and falls from bunching or shifting. Our rug pads also help keep your rug’s natural beauty through their design, providing air circulation and making vacuuming easier.

8. What are the cleaning instructions for your products?

Our Grip-it products are easy to clean by hand washing in a mild detergent, rinsing and letting air dry. The Grip-tac Decorative Liners wipe clean easily.

9. Do you use any coatings to help prevent mildew in the kitchen or bath areas?

The Grip-it line of Cushion Mats and bath products contain antimicrobial materials to resist mold and mildew in the kitchen and bathroom. Our Grip-it Sink Mat and Crisper Liner products consist of antimicrobial properties that resist mold, bacteria and odor.